Lots of people ask me, “What is content marketing?”
—It is the words you choose to tell your story and share the reason your business exists.

My process is simple and straightforward.


decipher PURPOSE & SCOPE.

We identify together the purpose, function and goal for the writing, your target audience and what motivates them, and what messages you want to convey about your business. Budget and project deadline are also determined.



This step includes interviews, web-based research, competitor research, identifying brand guidelines and other organization-sensitive protocol that needs to be followed.


write First Draft.

Working from an outline and the information collected in the research phase, I write a first draft.



Editing and revisions are a natural step in the writing process. After the first revision and any project adjustments, edits are completed for the second, and sometimes third draft.



The final step is proof reading the document before it goes to print, or is published online.



We send your words out into the world to communicate effectively, win in the contract, grow your business, and leave a lasting impression.


Please contact me with any questions about this process.