While supporting clients to find the right words to market themselves since 2007, I have been lucky enough to be a part of Edmonton’s entrepreneurial spirit. These are the gracious words of some of my clients.

Carmen’s expertise in business storytelling helped me define my business for my customers and myself.  Her words polished and summarized my initial ideas and her questions helped me define exactly what I was selling to clients, knowledge that I now use regularly in my business.
— Jodi Tychkowsky  –  Sprintwebsites.com

KellerDenali Construction wants to be different in everything we do. When we revamped our website it needed to be different, not relaying the same old construction verbiage and industry language that everyone uses. That’s why we chose Writing on the Wall. Carmen digs deeper to find and tell a unique story.
— John Cameron –  Keller Construction

I worked with Carmen at Writing on the Wall to help develop and write content for my website that would tell the story of my company. Carmen was able to ask thought-provoking questions, she listened, and she put her creative genius to work to draw out authentic story about “who we are” which became the anchor and common thread that weaved throughout the site. In addition to her writing talent, Carmen’s process was smooth and swift, and she was able to meet every deadline I requested. For all my writing projects, Carmen is my go to.
— Julianna Veldtman – White Box Communications

Working with Carmen is an absolute pleasure. Not only is she an excellent writer who produces high quality content very quickly but she is also highly responsive, flexible with her process and very easy to work with. She continuously goes above and beyond to churn out creative and informative writing no matter the topic, that stands out among the rest.
— Jacquelyn Cardinal - Naheyawin